TapSquares™ is a tile-based puzzle game. Tap a tile and it, along with up to four surrounding tiles, will flip. Keep flipping tiles until they're all the same color, and you win. Each tile can be one of three possible colors.

Use the Game menu to start a new game. When a new game is begun, colors are randomly chosen for the tiles. To change the tile colors without starting a new game, use the Shuffle Colors menu item. You can also change the grid size for the game. The grid size can be set to a minimum of 3 columns and rows, and to a maximum of 10 columns and rows.
main screen

Custom Photo

main screen with photo
One color of the tiles can be set to a custom photo or image. To do so, drag and drop a photo from the Finder desktop or other application window onto the main game window.
main screen with import
Or, use the Import Photo menu item in the Game menu to import a photo or capture one from any attached video camera, optionally applying a special effect to the photo.

To remove the custom photo, use the Clear Photo menu item in the Edit menu.


main screen with import
The Tap Pattern preference allows you to change which tiles will be flipped when tapped. The final pattern is a random one. When a new game starts, a random pattern of 5 tiles is chosen and used for the entire game. Note, changing the Tap Pattern preference will automatically start a new game.