Findagram for Android


Findagram is an app for Android to find anagrams.

To find anagrams, tap on the search field and enter one or more words, or even just a string of characters, then tap on the Search or Done key on the keyboard. Findagram will then query the Wordsmith Internet Anagram Server and display the results. Results are limited to a maximum of 800 possible anagrams when connecting to the Internet via a WiFi connection, and 400 when connected via a slower type of connection.

Using the controls at the bottom of the screen, results can be filtered based on the number of words in the resulting anagrams. The Show More button can be used to open the Wordsmith website, allowing for additional options to generate anagrams.

keyboard screen
list screen


Wordsmith and the Internet Anagram Server in no way endorse this product, nor are they associated with Bubble Pop Software in any manner.

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