AudioBop is an app to browse the Internet Archive's Live Music and Audio archives. To browse the archives, tap on one of the several available types of collections. Doing so will display all the sub-collections within that collection.
audio collections sub collections
Items in sub-collections can be displayed according to their popularity (number of times played) or by the date they were added to the collection (newer items on top).
audio recordings
Optionally, you can also enter a text string to search for in the collections. More relevant results will be displayed on top.
Tap on any item to display the details about that item. Details include the full description of the item, its rating if it has one, the number of downloads, and its running time if available. Since most items are uploaded by users of the Internet Archive, some items may not have complete details. A list of related terms may also be shown. Tapping on one of these is a shortcut to doing a search for that term.
audio details
If you find a particularly interesting item, you can bookmark it for later listening by using the bookmark control in the top-right corner of the Details screen. Switch to the Bookmarks tab to view your bookmarks. Swipe across any bookmark to delete it.


To access the audio archive with AudioBop, you may need to connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi network to stream large audio tracks.

The Internet Archive in no way endorses this product, nor are they associated with Bubble Pop Software in any manner.